New possibilities with WISE!


With WISE, Swegon’s solution for demand-controlled indoor climate, a perfect indoor climate is combined with the lowest possible energy consumption. 

The WISE system is designed with ease of use in mind, from design phase to operation. In order to provide additional possibilities on room level, we are now introducing the supply air diffusers WISE Sphere Free and WISE Sphere Ceiling.

The WISE Sphere products are supply air diffusers with an active slot, adapting the air flow according to the current need, and optimizing the throw even at low air flows. In this way, great indoor climate is secured, with good comfort in all parts of the room and without risking draught in the occupancy zone.

The WISE Sphere products are easy to handle, both from a system design and installation perspective, as they don’t require any straight duct section preceding the diffuser. This saves valuable space in the system.

WISE Sphere is available in two models, WISE Sphere Free for exposed installation, and WISE Sphere Ceiling, for installation in suspended ceilings. The front plate is also available in three different designs, which makes it possible to adapt the appearance of the diffusers.


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