Victoria Tower, Stockholm

A 5-star ecolabeled hotel, with decentralised ventilation, house in one of Stockholm's landmarks.  

This 5-star ecolabeled hotel proves that it is possible to offer the highest degree of comfort and still be energy efficient. The building's indoor climate is produced by decentralised air handling units, with energies from both district heating and district cooling. All hotel rooms is fitted with waterbourne comfort modules for a silent and efficient indoor climate, which can be individually controlled.

            Fredrik Kempendahl, Technical Manager says:
"We are very satisfied with the solution that Swegon has delivered. The functionality and reliability of the system creates stability and security together with time and cost effective maintenance due to the integrated control system. Swegon also has an efficient service organisation with an advantageous service agreement. The hotel guests are experiencing the indoor climate as clean, fresh and quiet.”

Quick facts

Country:   Sweden
City:   Stockholm
Building year:    2011
End User:   Victoria Tower Hotell
Rooms:   299

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