Hotel IBIS, Zaandam

A 2-star hotel with 5-star acclimatisation. A full Swegon Hotel Solution with chiller secures the guests' comfort all year round.  

The highest degree of comfort in combination with a low budget hotel can only be achieved with the best possible energy efficiency to keep the operating costs at a minimum. This could be achieved with a fully demand-controlled Hotel Solution from Swegon including both air handling units and chillers with waterborne comfort modules for silent and efficient heating, cooling and ventilation of all the hotel rooms. Each room can of course be controlled individually.

            Ing. André RP Schoonenwolf RI says:
"The Swegon induction system proofed to be by far the most economical solution in this two star budget hotel combining guest comfort and demand-controlled ventilation for minimal energy use.”

Quick facts

Country:   Netherlands
City:   Amsterdam - Zaandam
Building year:    2013
End User:   Accor Ibis
Rooms:   93

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