BBVA Headquarter, Madrid

An intelligent and very silent headquarter. Placed in Madrid, Spain, it is BBVA City's flagship building.

The BBVA City is a complex of 114,000 square meters of offices and services. The total area of the plot is 252,000 square meters. The headquarters had to project strength, quality, efficiency and commitment to the environment, but above all, it had to be a project designed to improve the comfort of people.

  Elias Gomez, Project Manager, says:
"With its regenerative exchangers, integrated control systems and advanced comfort module technology, Swegon is an important contribution to the environmental objective of the headquarters of BBVA. Swegon provided PARASOL comfort modules and processing units GOLD air. Both products with the Eurovent certification, which turned out to be one of the decisive factors that helped Swegon to got the contract.”

Quick facts

Country:   Spain
City:   Madrid
Building year:   2012
End User:   BBVA

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