ExpoForum, St. Petersburg

The International Convention and Exhibition Centre ExpoForum, in Saint Petersburg area, is intended for events of different types and complexity.

The centre includes three multipurpose pavilions of 13.114 m2 each, which can be transformed to host concerts, exhibitions, sports events etc. The pavilions are connected by glass passages.

The venue's high demands for energy efficiency, high comfort and low sound levels was a challenge to meet. The transformable premises, with a large variety of events and thereby conditions, required a very flexible system. Swegon’s indoor climate solution, including air handling units and adaptive air diffusers, made it possible. 

The selected demand controlled system, with variable air flows, delivers high comfort and flexible air distribution. Calculations and simulations have been made to ensure the best indoor climate, regardless of event and loads.

Quick facts
Country:   Russia
City:   St. Petersburg

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