Airborne solution for the indoor climate in office buildings

Office Solution Air is a system application for office buildings comprising several storeys. Nowadays, many offices are sized for the maximum number of people present. The level of occupancy in an office varies according to the business in question. In many cases the office is far from fully occupied, which means that the installed ventilation system is oversized, costing both money and energy unnecessarily. For this reason, Swegon offers a system that is demand-controlled with regard to occupancy and load in the office.

The office storeys are supplied by a system divided into two centrally located air handling units and externally produced electricity, cooling and heating media. Swegon's air handling systems WISE and GOLD jointly demand-control the office building's airflow requirements. The offices are air conditioned and ventilated with ADAPT Colibri supply air diffusers and radiators. The conference rooms are air conditioned with ADAPT Damper, COLIBRI Ceiling and radiators. Public areas, such as the reception, kitchenette and cafeteria, are air conditioned with ADAPT Colibri. The communication unit SuperWISE links the WISE system together with GOLD, thereby optimising fan operation and safeguarding the room climate in every room.


Office Solution Air
Office Solution Air
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