De Hoorn, Leuven

Swegon's innovative solutions for demand-controlled ventilation was the natural choice when energy-efficient and sustainable ventilation was in focus for the refurbishment of the classic De Hoorn brewery, dating back from the 14th century.

De Hoorn (english: the Horn) is a classic brewery in Leuven, Belgium. The brewery's history start as early as 1366 but in 1717, the name of the brewery was changed after the current master brewer, Sebastien Artois. For a long time, the horn was a symbol used on the label of the popular beer that was brewed in this brewery, Stella Artois.

The building has been desolate since the early 1990s but a few years ago, the building was sold and purchased for a refurbishment project to transform it into offices and meeting rooms. The project was carried out as an EFRO project and sustainability was in focus both when it comes to preserving the historical building and location but also when it comes to energy-efficiency. Swegon's energy-efficient products for demand-controlled ventilation ensured that the sustainability requirements are met regar.

Quick facts

Country:   Belgium
City:   Leuven
Building year:   2012

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