Wise apartment is a system solution for ventilation especially designed for renovation of multi-apartment buildings. Wise Apartment has been developed to provide healthy and comfortable indoor climates for people and homes and to do it in the most energy and cost effi cient manner possible.

Centrally placed GOLD ventilation unit serves the apartments with supply and extract airfl ow to each apartment via an intelligent technical box that adjusts the airfl ow automatically according to signals from air quality and moisture sensors. This involves maximum comfort for both individuals and the building, with energy effi cient operations, where you ventilate just as much as needed; no more, no less. A prefabricated duct cover provides discreet coverage of ducts and drill holes, at the same time as it is quick and easy to install on site. An integrated fi re solution and a smart distribution box for each fl oor are other examples of time and costsaving advantages of the WISE Apartment Solution.




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