W3 and W4 Smart are now even easier to connect


Swegon’s CASA W3 and W4 Smart ventilation units now feature new easy-to-use connection points for accessories.

The connection points are placed outside the circuit board, so that the unit enclosure no longer needs to be opened. As standard the ventilation unit comes with two programmable I/O channels, for example, for the fireplace switch and emergency stop switch (IO1 and IO2).

If there is a need of additional connection points, the ventilation unit has room for a SEC-connection cable with space for analogue supervision central (DDC), three programmable I/O channels and 5 V supply voltage.


There is also a new SET-connection card for the Smart ventilation unit, which makes it possible to connect a control and supply voltage (24 V), external temperature sensor and control circuits for a shut-off damper outside the unit.

As standard the SET-connection card is included, among others, with the new air heater and air cooler, but the card can also be purchased separately as an accessory.

The new connections are available in all W3 and W4 Smart ventilation units made at the start of 11/2017.

A separate switch has been added inside the updated ventilation unit models, which makes it possible to disconnect the power to the ventilation unit without removing the power cord.

At the same time the preheater control in the new ventilation units has been changed to an energy saving Triac control.

Furthermore, the W3 and W4 ventilation units have an adjustable rear support that helps to easily adjust the position of the unit, for example, to achieve faster draining of the condensate water.

In our web page there is now downlodable both the old (-10/2017) and new version  (11/2017) of installation manuals.