Heat recovery unit with counter-flow plate heat exchanger

Designed for detached houses, multi-dwelling houses and holiday cottages less than 250 m2. Also suitable for renovation projects. The unit's maximum air flow is 130 l/s with a temperature efficiency for the heat exchanger of 86 %. 

  • Maximum airflow 130 l/s
  • Temperature efficiency of the heat exchanger is up to 86 % (EN 308)
  • Annual efficiency up to 75 %
  • Advanced Smart control technology
  • The ventilation is controlled automatically by the need
  • Automatic summer function and passive cooling
  • The defrost function ensures continuous ventilation
  • External units for heating and cooling are available
  • Can be connect to the automated building management system
  • Can be used with Smart controls or Swegon CASA kitchen hoods.
You can use the external connection card (SET) in the CASA W5 Smart ventilation unit as of 3/2018. This makes the connection of external accessories, such as the duct mounted air heater, much easier. In addition, there is a separate, internal power switch in the ventilation unit, so that you can easily disconnect the power to the ventilation unit.

Smart functions

The new Smart panel makes adjusting your ventilation to changing circumstances easier than ever. You can change functions manually from the color user panel, use the weekly 24h timer to change the modes according to your wishes or you can let the Smart-logic take care of it for you automatically (accessory). Compatible with all Smart units. 

Smart funktioner

Counter-flow plate heat exchanger    

Thin aluminium plates arranged cross-wise to form parallel air passages. Temperature efficiency between 80-90%.

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Ecodesign energy label
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