ESBO/ProClim Web

ProClim Web will be shut down on 31/12/2016 and replaced by ESBO

ProClim Web will be removed in day(s).

It will not be possible to open ProClim Web files in ESBO, so we recommend that you start using ESBO as soon as possible to have access to both programs for a while. ESBO has all the functionalities that PCW has along with a series of new features, where energy calculation is just one of them.

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ProClim web is a program for calculating the heat balance in a room. ProClim web aids the planner by calculating the size of cooling effect required for each room. It is also possible to select a product and calculate the resulting temperature if so desired.

ProClim Web is a web-based application. The only program installation necessary on the computer to be used is Internet Explorer version 5.5 or later. As a web-based application any updates will be carried out automatically.

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The first time you will need to register and choose a username and password. Then simply run the program.