Program for calculation of sound generation in duct systems plus dimensioning and selection of acoustics.

ProAc updated with new attenuators on Feb 29, 2009.

Update instructions

1. Download update (Update Pictures + Proattn.dat)

2. Replace the old database file (Proattn.dat) with the new one.

3. Copy the rest of the files in the zip-file (product pictures) and paste them in the Swegon/Pictures folder.

Note: Air diffuser database is not updated, mainly because there was changes when there was an upgrade to ProAir Web. It is still possible to calculate air diffusers in ProAc, but you will have to put in noise generation and attenuation manually for each case / situation.



Download ProAc Latest version, complete setup 6 Mb

ProAc update files (updated June 02, 2009) 189kB 
See update instructions for more details.