Other Software

XIF-files, excel sheets and other documents to aid in the selection of the right climate units.


GOLDen GATE Config, configuration program for the GOLDen GATE communication unit. Program version 2.11.
Updated 16/10/2014.

XIF-file (External Interface File) Download


XIF-file (External Interface File) Download



  • EOLE 4 Swegon for PC

Config, control and visualisation on PC (SAT Ethernet or Wifi needed).

Download   Updated 16/10/2017.

  • KNX START-UP project

Control and visualisation on a KNX network (SAT KNX needed).

SAT KNX Starter_TAC5DG_026000 S 02.05.00 P01
SAT KNX Starter_TAC5DM_026002 S 03.00.00 P01
SAT KNX Starter_TAC5DT_026001 S 02.06.00 P01
SAT KNX Starter_TAC5F_026003 S 03.00.00 P01
SAT KNX Starter_TAC5SC_026004 S 04.00.00 P01

Download    Updated 16/10/2017.

  • BACnet files

Download Update 10/08/2017



Climate Systems

Airway transmitted sound calculations for PRIMO
Updated: 6/05/2015
Download (1 MB)

PRIMO - Nozzle configuration

Airway transmitted sound calculations for ADRIATIC
Updated: 11/01/2005
Download (1,52 MB)


Program for calculation of sound generation in duct systems plus dimensioning and selection of acoustics.
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