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 Commissioning guide with K-factors, Dec 2006 Instructions/Manuals 1.30MB 8/13/2009 Add to bucket
 Commissioning guide with K-factors, HAWK Ceiling and EAGLE Single/Double Instructions/Manuals 112.56kB 1/25/2009 Add to bucket
 SäätöopasFIN0496 Instructions/Manuals 2.64MB 12/29/2009 Add to bucket
(all)  Commissioning guide 2010:07, k-factors Instructions/Manuals 3.05MB 9/14/2012 Add to bucket
(all)  Commissioning guide 2012:09, k-factors Instructions/Manuals 1.26MB 10/15/2013 Add to bucket
(all)  Commissioning guide 2014:15, k-factors Instructions/Manuals 6.49MB 2/11/2015 Add to bucket
(all)  Säätöopas 2015-02 Instructions/Manuals 7.28MB 4/11/2015 Add to bucket
K-factor  Commissioning guide 2013:09, k-factors Instructions/Manuals 5.58MB 3/21/2014 Add to bucket