Climate system for installation along the perimeter wall

  • A complete climate system for installation along the perimeter wall.
  • High capacity and small space requirements.
  • Prefabricate parts promote uncomplicated installation.
  • Modular designed units offering immense flexibility.
  • Adapted for new building and renovation projects as well as replacement of existing induction units.
  • Completely PVC-free Systems



  • Visible sockets in the electrical trunking
  • Free positioning of interior walls
  • Free socket positioning

Product view
Installation example

Cooling capacity: 1930 W (L = 1600 mm,= 10ºC, pressure 300 Pa and q= 45 l/s).
Heating capacity: 2030 W (L = 1600 mm,= 30ºC, pressure 300 Pa and q= 45 l/s).
Air flow: 6 to 45 l/s.
Pressure range: 150 - 300 Pa.
Lengths: 600, 800, 1000, 1300 and 1600 mm.
Heights: From 365 mm.
Duct dimensions: 125,160,200 mm.
Control: System integrated control equipment for sequence control per room.


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