Digital control system for waterborne climate systems

  • For sequential control of cooling and/or heating.
  • Complete system that is easily adapted to changing needs.
  • Flexible controller that can be reconfigured according to needs.
  • Extended unit life cycle
  • Up to 8 actuator pairs can be connected to a singlecontroller.

For indoor climate systems with water-based cooling and heating (or electric heating) in new construction and refurbishment projects.



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ACTUATOR b  Valve actuator (WISE gen.1) Catalogue/Product sheets 202.29kB 3/16/2017 Add to bucket
ACTUATORb  Declaration of conformity (CE) Declarations 308.14kB 12/14/2015 Add to bucket
ACTUATORb  Installation instructions Instructions/Manuals 151.35kB 3/16/2017 Add to bucket
CG-IV  Condensation sensor Catalogue/Product sheets 136.61kB 7/4/2018 Add to bucket
LUNA  Digital control system Catalogue/Product sheets 170.43kB 12/6/2018 Add to bucket
LUNA - PARAGONc  Wiring Instructions/Manuals 275.30kB 12/9/2018 Add to bucket
LUNA TS  Compliance Declaration Declarations 87.74kB 3/14/2012 Add to bucket
LUNAd  Bedienungsanleitung Instructions/Manuals 597.09kB 7/3/2019 Add to bucket
LUNAd  Installation instruction Instructions/Manuals 2.22MB 12/20/2018 Add to bucket
LUNAd RE  Room temperature controller manual Instructions/Manuals 132.13kB 12/6/2018 Add to bucket
LUNAd RE / LUNAd T-CU  Bedienungsanleitung Instructions/Manuals 597.32kB 12/6/2018 Add to bucket
LUNAd RE-1/RE-S  Wiring diagram Instructions/Manuals 485.03kB 12/6/2018 Add to bucket
LUNAd RE-S CO/HME  Wiring diagram Instructions/Manuals 390.37kB 12/7/2018 Add to bucket
LUNA-HMET  HMET to LUNA conversion Instructions/Manuals 584.27kB 12/6/2018 Add to bucket
LUNA-HWAT  HWAT TC to LUNA conversion, serie Other 43.76kB 6/23/2016 Add to bucket
LUNA-HWAT  HWAT TC to LUNA conversion, single Other 40.63kB 6/23/2016 Add to bucket
PARASOL - LUNA  Wiring Instructions/Manuals 272.69kB 12/9/2018 Add to bucket
SYST TS  Transformer Catalogue/Product sheets 126.44kB 8/6/2012 Add to bucket
SYST VD CLC  Valve Catalogue/Product sheets 271.93kB 8/10/2018 Add to bucket
SYST VDN  Valve Catalogue/Product sheets 354.78kB 4/24/2019 Add to bucket