Energy-saving, suspended comfort module for Swegon for Swegons WISE System for demand-controlled ventilation

  • Suspended comfort modules for demand-controlled ventilation and Swegon’s WISE system.
  • Energy-efficient operation since the room is ventilated, heated and cooled exactly as called for by the load, neither more nor less.
  • Highest possible comfort with provision for individual control on the product or at room level.
  • Waterborne cooling and heating.
  • Draught-free indoor climate, 4-way air distribution and Swegon’s ADC (Anti Draught Control) provide maximum comfort and flexibility both today and for future needs.

Primary airflow: Up to 55 l/s
Pressure range: 50 to 150 Pa
Total cooling capacity: Up to 1930 W
Heating capacity: Up to 2450 W

690 x 690 mm

  690 x 1290 mm

Height 230 mm


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