Heat recovery unit with rotary heat exchanger

  • Heat recovery unit with rotary heat exchanger for residential houses, multi-storey buidings and holiday cottages under 230 m2. Suitable also for renovation projects.
  • Maximum air volume: 120 l/s.
  • Temperature efficiency of approx. 80 %.
  • Low sound level.
  • For installation in a machine room, storage space, laundry room, etc.
  • A separate extract air connection for the cooker hood, and the extract air does not pass the heat exchanger.
  • The ventilation system can be controlled from a separate
  • control panel or from the cooker hood.
  • Premium control technique.
  • Can be used with Premium controls or the Swegon CASA Premium kitchen hoods.

Rotary heat exchanger RECOnomic
A rotating wheel of aluminium with a multitude of small passages. The most efficient heat recovery with a temperature efficiency always over 80%.


The extract air from the cooker hood can be connected to a spigot at the bottom or the top of the ventilation unit; and will then not pass through the heat exchanger.



System drawings (DXF)
Download system drawings for the CASA series of air handling units for use in projects.

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