Heat recovery unit with counter-flow plate heat exchanger

  • Heat recovery ventilation units with counter-flow plate heat exchanger for residential houses, multi-storey buildings, terrace houses and holiday cottages under 170 m². Suitable also for renovation projects.
  • Maximum air volume: 80 l/s.
  • Temperature efficiency: approx. 80 %.
  • Energy-efficient and quiet fans.
  • For installation in a machine room, storage space, laundry room, etc.
  • Provision for connecting the cooker hood to a separate extract air duct.
  • The ventilation system can be controlled from a separate control panel or from the cooker hood.
  • Premium control technique.
  • Lower than previous models, 493 mm.
  • Can be used with Premium controls or the Swegon CASA Premium kitchen hoods.
Certified Passive House Component
The high energy efficiency and efficient heat recovery has awarded the Swegon CASA W80B with a Passive House Certificate from the Passive House Institute. Find current certificate and the measured data in the components database at the Passive House Institute's website.    Certified Passive House Component

Counter-flow plate heat exchanger    

Thin aluminium plates arranged cross-wise to form parallel air passages. Temperature efficiency between 70-80%.


The Econo model can be connected directly to a waterborne heating system. In such cases reheating takes place in a water-heated air heater in the ventilation unit. The Econo model makes it possible to cut energy costs.



System drawings (DXF)
Download system drawings for the CASA series of air handling units for use in projects.

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