Control equipment for Premium ventilation units and cooker hoods

Premium products

P-SP14X Premium control panel


P-MB Modbus gateway
P-MK20 20m modular cable-4 RJ9 contact with RJ9 adapter
P-FG Humidity sensor 0-10V
P-RTG Room temperature sensor
P-UT Negative pressure compence switch for 125 mm duct
117HDL CO2 and temperature sensor with display
604014 20m modular cable-4 RJ9 contact
60358 RJ9 adapter for modular cable-4
117KKH Humidity switch HR1 IP21
102TKC Separate overpressure switch, impulse (fireplace function)
105A1 Week / Day timer switch TR 030 digital
105TK Boost switch with timer
102LT Occupancy detector / switch OS-550
117PK2 Pressure switch 20-200 Pa
1023SV Filter alarm set switch
117T Temperature switch -30...+30 IP54
102PAK Installation frame for Premium control panel
P-XAX-X PRE-series cooker hoods with Premium control technique  


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