Power roof ventilator

During the middle of the 1990s Swegon introduced the new Wing axi-centrifugal fan into the GOLD air handling system. Since then, this type of fan, of patented design, has undergone further development and has been used to an ever increasing extent in our product mix. Swegon has now also renewed its roof fan series. By introducing the Sky Wing, all the advantages the Wing fans have to offer are utilized in this sector of our product mix as well, offering maximum benefit to clients. Wing features include low fan-generated noise level – especially in the lower frequencies, which are most difficult to attenuate in ventilation systems. The fan is well-suited for speed control and therefore conforms to market demands on adjusting the airflow to meet present needs.

  • The Wing fan impeller offers quiet and energysaving performance.
  • Its high discharge capacity allows for large duct systems and connected functional sections.
  • Enables demand-controlled ventilation by controlling the fan speed, keeping the air pressure constant and compensating variations in outdoor air temperature.
  • Service-friendly – the fan can be raised on hinges and has a removable upper section as well as removable side panels.
  • Measurement tappings for pressure/airflow readings enable correct commissioning and periodic performance checks.
  • Its modest design fits well in a variety of environments.


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