Active air diffuser for Swegon’s WISE System for demand-controlled ventilation

  • Variable or constant flow regulation
  • Wireless communication via radio
  • Integrated sensor
  • Supply air diffuser with active slot
  • Variants:
    • Connection Ø160 or Ø200
    • Selectable front plate






max Q (l/s)

WISE Sphere F


min. 30 dB(A)  35 dB(A)  
(l/s) (m3/h) (l/s) (m3/h) p Δt=8K (W) (l/s) (m3/h) p Δt=8K (W)
160 5 18  80  288  768  95  342  912 
200 10  36  130  468  1248  150  540  1440 

The table shows data for the open damper.

The product can regulate below min. but the measurement accuracy cannot be guaranteed, for tolerances see page 4. NOTE for a high pressure drop across the product, it may be difficult to reach the min. flow, at the same time as the sound generation increases, see the sizing diagrams.

Max cooling capacity is calculated at ∆t=8K and for the air flow at 100% and 30 dB(A).


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