WISE - The new generation

WISE is a system for demand-controlled ventilation that comprises physical products, control systems and communication. Saving energy and safeguarding an optimal indoor climate has never been easier.

saving energy and safeguarding an optimal indoor climate has never been easier

Benefits throughout the whole building process

1. System specification
Swegon has a wide offer which makes it easy to find a good solution for each project. The Swegon ESBO software assists with energy requirement calculations, providing a solid basis for decision making from the start.

2. Planning
The new IC Design product selection software simplifies the project design process, making it much easier to combine waterborne and airborne solutions.

3. Installation
The products communicate wirelessly, which eliminates the risk of misconnections. Simply install the right type of product in the right location, and the WISE system will automatically assign it the function decided on in the IC Design software.

4. Startup and commissioning
Once the system’s integral components have been installed, their QR codes are scanned and then digitally matched with the role they assume in the system. At system start-up, each component is configured automatically, which saves time and reduces the risk of human error.

5. Operation
The SuperWISE interface provides an overview and control over the entire system. If the premises are altered – a wall is removed, say – the components can be assigned new roles via the interface, based on the changed parameters. 

A complete system

The new generation of WISE provides maximum freedom to create the best combinations of products for each individual room. Instead of starting off with a number of components and trying to make these into a system, you create the system based on the need in each room.

This is possible thanks to our flexible products and wireless communication, yet the product selection program IC Design and the user interface SuperWISE also play a significant part.

Uniquely reliable wireless communication

An underlying prerequisite to make the system easy to design, install and operate, is the fact it is based on the latest wireless technology. With Swegon’s patented solution both the greatest operating reliability and system integrity are obtained.

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