Air-water heat pumps, 6-78 kW

Dedicated heat pumps new series with scroll compressors, with and without vapor injection.

  • Wide operating limits and power range
  • Automatic management for domestic hot water
  • Hws version available for all sizes
  • Smarter defrosting management
  • A class pumps available for single compressor models
  • Modularity and full accessibility
  • SMART Link

/HT version in 15 sizes
Cooling capacity (A35;W7): 6÷73 KW
Heating capacity (A7;W45): 6÷78 KW

/MT version in 17 sizes
Cooling capacity (A35;W7): 6÷68 KW
Heating capacity (A7;W45): 7÷76 KW

Geyser 2 is a complete dedicated HP series machines which covers the range from 6 to 78kW using the same refrigerant gas (R410A) with single and double compressors.



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