Chiller with integrated Free Cooling system, 100-530 kW

The TETRIS FC range, with scroll compressors and free cooling system, uses the ecofriendly R410A refrigerant. Substantial energy saving, high performance and low noise system contribute to the success and position of TETRIS FC on the national and international market.

  • A customized range
  • TOP efficiency
  • Eco-friendly cooling
  • Patended innovation
  • Efficient energy performance
  • Footprint and modularity
  • Advanced software
  • Electronic expansion valve

A: Energy efficiency class A
A+: Energy efficiency class A+
DS: Desuperheater
DC: Recovery condenser
LN: Low sound level
SLN: Superlow sound level
Optional pump-/tank module


Swegon is committed to creating energy efficient solutions and products, following best practices and targets as an endorser of the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres.




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