Air/Water free-cooling chiller with screw compressors, 320-1300 kW

High energy efficiency freecooling chiller, with screw compressors, also inverter-controlled, and shell-and-tube exchanger


  • Dedicated freecooling section
  • Full inverter and hybrid versions available
  • Eurovent A Class Unit
  • Eurovent certified chiller section
  • Hybrid freecooling: capability, in the mid seasons, to operate in mixed mode freecoling/chiller
  • Night Shift function
  • 3 efficiency levels of the chiller section, combinable with 3 levels of TFT of freecooling section
  • Multilogic/multifree function
  • Integrated web server
  • Microchannel condensing coil

HE: High efficiency unit
HEi: unit with hybrid compressors
XEi: unit with full inverter compressors
LN: Low noise unit
SLN: Super low noise unit
Optional hydronic module

Freecooling Configurations
Basic: TFT up to -2,4°C (-5°C as avg)
Custom:TFT up to +1,3°C (-1°C as avg)
Extra: TFT up to +3,1°C (+2°C as avg)



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