Plug and Play cooling units for GOLD

The cooling unit COOL DX / COOL DX Top fits in well in the concept of the GOLD air handling unit and really stands for Plug and Play.

All the equipment is housed in one and the same unit and can be docked to the GOLD. The COOL DX can also be installed as a stand-alone unit.

In addition to the above, only an electric power supply and a communication cable (with quick-fit connector) between the COOL DX/COOL DX Top and the GOLD as well as the connection of drainage pipework are required.

The GOLD has ready-to-use cooling functions for controlling the COOL DX / COOL DX Top. This also includes communication via the web or traditional supervisory systems.

Thus the COOL DX / COOL DX Top means minimal investment for project designing, procurement and installation.

  • Extremely fast and simple installation.
  • Built-in control equipment operated from the GOLD.
  • Variable comfort control or economy control in 3 steps.
  • Its location inside the GOLD prevents the extract air fan motor from being subject to high temperatures.


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