The Swegon PX GLOBAL air handling units is a new series

of efficient and robust units, developed for installers valuing

simplicity, contractors that need to keep time and budget and

end-users who want the right indoor climate at the right cost.



  • Integrated TAC5 controls
  • Temperature efficiency, heat recovery up to 90%
  • Air flows up to 6000 m³/h or 1670 l/s
  • Cooling energy recovery
  • For indoor and outdoor use

Size overview


GLOBAL    PX 05    
GLOBAL    PX  08    
GLOBAL    PX  10    
GLOBAL    PX  12     
GLOBAL    PX  13     
GLOBAL    PX  14   
GLOBAL    PX  16   
GLOBAL    PX  18   
GLOBAL    PX  20   
GLOBAL    PX  24   

    6000       (m³/h)            
         277   555     833    1110    1390



Right-hand version
   Left-hand version

Exhaust air 
arrow brown
Supply air  
arrow blue
Outdoor air  
arrow green
Extract air  
arrow yellow

All of the GLOBAL PX units are available in RIGHT or LEFT handed versions.




The directive EN16890 established a new classification system, based on particle matter (PM) and re-named the filters “ePM”. For product ranges GLOBAL RX, RX TOP, GLOBAL LP and GLOBAL PX, the selected fresh air bag filters have proven to be above par.  Their classification “ePM1≥70%” is better than the required legal minimum. 




minimum 50% efficiency on 1 micron particles filtering



minimum 50% efficiency on 2,5 micron particles filtering



minimum 50% efficiency on 10 micron particles filtering


In our GLOBAL units, we use:


Supply air filters



Extract air filters




885315 / 885142

Counter-flow heat exchanger (PX)

PX flow

The highly efficient, Eurovent certified counter-flow heat exchangers. They facilitate supply temperatures and permit or allow transfer of humidity between the two airflows. The exchangers are in “salt-air resistant” aluminium and are suitable for temperatures up to 80°C. They are compliant with the DIN1946 tightness standard and are Eurovent approved according to the EN 308 standard.

Counterflow plate heat exchangers consist of thin aluminium plates that form parallel air ducts arranged at opposite angles to one another. The warmer extract air heats the plates and transfers heat to the colder supply air. The contact surfaces are large because the air streams flow in parallel and in opposite directions. Temperature efficiency is >90 %. The supply air and extract air have completely separate air passages therefore any possible odours in the extract air cannot be transferred to the supply air. The heat exchanger does not recover moisture to supply air, which is good in facilities with high humidity levels. The heat exchangers er Eurovent certified.

885315 / 885142



  • Hardware:

The unit has a casing of prepainted galvanised steel sheet in RAL 7016. The units are insulated with 50mm Rockwool and can be delivered as left or right units. Operating temperatures are from -20°C to +50°C

  • Software:

The unit is equipped with the smart control system TAC5 with optional connectivity by Modbus RTU, TCP IP over Ethernet, TCP IP over Wifi, Bacnet, KNX. The standard unit is equipped with TACtouch touchscreen.

  • Accessories

  external casing
TAC5 Controller   External casing   Electrical heating
Motorized damper
Flexible connection   Cooling coil


885315 / 885142


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