Office Solution

Office premises usually have surplus heat from people, computer equipment, lighting etc. With our Office Solution you will maintain correct indoor climate all year round with minimal energy consumption.

The indoor climate is controlled individually for the highest possible comfort in offices, conference rooms, landscape offices and public areas. The demand-controlled system minimises energy consumption, providing maximum comfort with a minimum of environmental impact.

The property's heating and cooling are produced centrally and distributed waterborne, airborne or a combination of these. The flexibility offered by Swegon Office Solution gives an optimal indoor climate solution for offices, regardless of the needs and conditions.

OFFICE Solution - Air

Cooling and heating production using reversible TEAL/TETRIS and the GOLD air handling system, together with active supply air diffusers, is the underlying structure, which along with the Super WISE intelligent control unit make up the package solution Office Solution Air, the optimal airborne solution for a good indoor climate in offices 

OFFICE Solution - Water

Cooling and heating production with AZURA/OMICRON and GOLD air handling system, together with the PARASOL comfort module and the intelligent CONDUCTOR and Super WISE control units, make up the package solution in Swegon Office Solution Water, optimum waterborne solution for a good indoor climate in offices.


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