Volkswagen, Germany

Volkswagen's glass factory in Dresden has gotten a lot of attention because of it's architecture. It's about 70 000 sqm and has 27 500 sqm of glass walls. A water based system and Swegon's chilled beam KGD were chosen.  

The Volkswagen plant in Dresden, the so-called ”Gläserne Manufaktur”, is a simple, elegant building with large areas of glass. This is where VW's luxury car Phateon is mounted.

The special construction of the building called for an unusual solution for the indoor climate, at least for a factory. Since almost all of the building is transparent, there was no room for large air ducts. Swegon’s chilled beams match the vision of modern architecture with the highest demands on a healthy and comfortable indoor climate perfectly. Swegon’s water-based climate system need no drainage, no fans and no motors, require minimal maintenance and are highly energy-efficient.

The glass factory