Public library in Halmstad, Sweden

A tailor-made library with tailor-made ventilation stands in Halmstad, Sweden: Swegon supplied 70 low velocity air terminals with the city's emblem as pattern to an unique public building.


The architects of Schmidt, Hammer and Lassen built the city library around several old trees and let the shape of the trees dictate the design. An old chestnut tree stands in the circular atrium in the centre of the building. Even the ventilation system matches the tree-symbolic: Swegon’s products remove anything undesirable from the air – and add what’s missing, just like a leaf of a tree. 70 low velocity air terminal devices create a healthy and energizing indoor climate without draft and noise. What is unique about the air diffusers is that they are perforated in the same pattern as Halmstad’s coat of arms – three hearts. Visitors, staff and books enjoy the clean air and healthy environment of the library.

Quick facts

Country:   Sweden
City:   Halmstad

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