Oslo Opera House, Norway

Swegon delivered the supply and extract air diffusers to the Opera House in Oslo, Norway - a prestigious project which opened its gates in April 2008.

The famous architectural office "Snøhetta" created the fascinating eye-catcher, which got equipped with Swegon’s air diffusers. The Opera in Oslo has a total floor space of 38 500 m² and consists of approximately 1 100 rooms and two large halls, one with 1.358 seats and the other with 400 seats.

Swegon was honoured to deliver the supply and extract air diffusers thanks to our exceptional sound data, dissemination characteristics and credible documentation. The high induction, low noise level and short throw length of our diffusers met the strict requirements. Thanks to our diffusers the opera visitors get goose bumps of the production on stage - not the draft from the ventilation system.

On "The World Architecture Festival" in Barcelona the building got awarded as The World’s Culture Building of the Year.

Quick facts

Country:   Norway
City:   Oslo

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