Copenhagen Opera House, Denmark

The impressive Opera House in Copenhagen has been equipped with our modular air handling units to create an indoor climate quality of highest standards.

Designed by the architect Henning Larsen and opened in the year 2005 the Opera in Copenhagen has become a landmark for architectural class and virtuoso cultural performances. Intrusive noise from the ventilation system is naturally to be avoided in an opera house and our task was to create the ideal indoor environment, healthy and virtually silent. The Opera House is one of the best-equipped in the world. The Opera has 6 main stages: 1 visible for the audience, and 5 for preparations and training. The building totals 41,000 m² and has 14 floors, of which 5 are below ground. It contains more than 1000 rooms. Despite its luxurious equipment, there are only approximately 1500 seats because a larger number of seats would hamper the quality of sound – a sound undisturbed by our products.

Quick facts

Country:   Denmark
City:   Copenhagen
Building year:    2005

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