Tomelilla Factory

Close to the southern border of Sweden, in the village of Tomelilla, is the factory where all of our products in the fields of air distribution and flow control are manufactured.

Far south in Sweden, on the doorstep to Europe, lies Tomelilla, a small village with only 6.000 inhabitants. With nearly endless amount of flat ground to build large production facilities on, it is an ideal spot and the base for many heavy industrial production facilities.

The Tomelilla factory has 13.000 sqm of production area, 130 employees, state-of-the-art test facilities and its own research and development department. The production is highly automated and each year the factory manufactures more than 600.000 products that are distributed all over the world. In true Swegon manner the Tomelilla team also puts ground-breaking and energy efficient innovations on the market, most recently with the WISE system for demand-controlled ventilation.

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