New diffusers – new possibilities


The quiet gets even more quiet and the smart gets even smarter with our new and improved exposed ceiling air diffusers and transfer units.

Transfer Collection

A silent group of products we speak loudly about.

The transfer units CBA, RGV and CGV will be discontinued after many years of loyal service. The new successors SOTTO, ORTO and CIRCO form our new Transfer Collection. Besides a modernized design the new products have an even better performance, which we promise will set a new standard for the industry. They are obviously still as compact as their predecessors, but they now have even higher air flow capacity and the noise reduction reaches new levels. You can now get a transfer unit which transmits less sound than the wall it is installed in!

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Smart news for a familiar product.

Sometimes a simple solution is the most ingenious, for instance our exposed air diffuser EAGLE Free. When cleaning the inside of the previous version, 6 screws had to be removed and the front had to be put away before maintenance could start. Nothing too complicated, but it definitely had room for improvement. For the new version of EAGLE Free we have removed the screws. Instead the front is held in place by a steel spring, when accessing the inside of the diffuser simply pull down the front. Instead of finding somewhere to put the front, just tilt it sideways, and it is kept in place by the spring. When finished just flip back the front. It does not only save time during maintenance, but you will also be able to work with both hands free. EAGLE Free - really lives up to the name!

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We expand our ”Free” product range with COLIBRI Free.

When design is important COLIBRI Free blends into the indoor environment and fits well with our Ceiling Collection. Of course with the same smart spring construction as EAGLE Free.

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