The new Falcon HF diffuser


Peak performance in high ceiling buildings

FALCON HF is a new high-flow diffuser for buildings with high ceilings such as shopping malls, sports arenas and warehouses. FALCON HF helps spread the air evenly and efficiently, giving a good indoor climate with minimal energy consumption.

Smart air control

In the heating mode, air from FALCON HF is directed vertically, quickly reaching the occupied zone where it’s needed. In the cooling mode, air is spread horizontally, ensuring good mixing before reaching the occupied zone and thereby avoiding cold draughts. The pressure drop over FALCON HF is low, and on top of that almost unchanged when comparing heating and cooling mode, resulting in simple system setup and low noise. An automatic switch control is available as an option.

Easy system design

The great heating and cooling capacity of FALCON HF make it easy to design an efficient ventilation system. You save valuable time and can feel confident regarding the quality of the ventilation. As always with Swegon, easy-to-use selection tools, solid documentation and professional support are included.

Reach higher

The new FALCON HF diffuser lets you provide high-performing ventilation in buildings with high ceilings. Why not take a closer look at FALCON HF for your next project? Contact your nearest Swegon representative for more information and support.

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