New GOLD PX RECOfrost – our plate heat exchangers just got smarter


Swegon is proud to launch RECOfrost, an innovative plate heat exchanger solution, which takes energy efficiency and economical savings to a new level.

Whenever there are ventilation applications with some kind of contamination in the extract air, like heavy kitchen fumes, it is advisable to use an air handling unit equipped with plate heat exchanger to make sure the supply air is not contaminated. One drawback with this, compared to a rotary heat exchanger, is that ice build-up and the necessary defrosting cycle may significantly reduce the energy recovery efficiency.

This is where the unique RECOfrost functionality comes in, taking full advantage of the combined integrated controls and quality hardware of the GOLD air handling unit. The RECOfrost will monitor the ice build-up and defrosting process and based on the current conditions take exactly the action needed for minimized energy losses, making the defrosting cycle extremely efficient. More energy saved, less after heating capacity needed, while GOLD is staying as compact and space saving as always. We call it adaptive optimization. Remember where you heard it first.

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