For Students

A career built on air? That is precisely what we can offer.

The primary objective of our products is that they are neither seen, heard nor felt. They should not interfere with our daily lives through disturbing noise or cold drafts and should have a design that blends into the room. If you do not notice our products then we know that we have done a good job.

Success through innovation
Swegon has a history of developing ground-breaking products and solutions and has an established position as a leading company in Europe within the ventilation and indoor climate industry. To maintain our position we always need new employees with new innovative ideas and fresh points of views.

Meet us at trade fairs and seminars
We are always represented at the major building fairs both within and outside Sweden. See the list of forthcoming trade fairs. The Swegon Air Academy arranges seminars with independent experts that give you the opportunity to extend your knowledge of a subject related to the fields that we operate in. There is a list of forthcoming seminars on the Swegon Air Academy website. Students are always welcome and best of all: it is free!