Andre softwareprogrammer

XIF-filer, Excel-skemaer og andre dokumenter til at finde det rette indeklimasystem.


GOLDen GATE Config, configuration program for the GOLDen GATE communication unit. Program version 2.00.
Updated 16/10/2014.

XIF-file (External Interface File). Describes the node function (right-hand click for downloading).
Updated 16/07/2014


XIF-file (External Interface File). Describes the node function (right-hand click for downloading).
Updated 09/01/2008


  • EOLE 4 Swegon for PC

Config, control and visualisation on PC (SAT Ethernet or Wifi needed).

Download   Updated 16/10/2017.

  • KNX START-UP project

Control and visualisation on a KNX network (SAT KNX needed).

SAT KNX Starter_TAC5DG_026000 S 02.05.00 P01
SAT KNX Starter_TAC5DM_026002 S 03.00.00 P01
SAT KNX Starter_TAC5DT_026001 S 02.06.00 P01
SAT KNX Starter_TAC5F_026003 S 03.00.00 P01
SAT KNX Starter_TAC5SC_026004 S 04.00.00 P01

Download    Updated 16/10/2017.

  • BACnet files

Download Update 10/08/2017

Climate systems

R'w calculations for Primo wall block units
Updated: 11/01/2005
Download (25 kB)

Airway transmitted sound calculations for Adriatic
Updated: 11/01/2005
Download (1,52 MB)

Airway transmitted sound calculations for Primo
Updated: 6/05/2015
Download (1 MB)

PRIMO Nozzle configuration
Updated: 6/05/2015
Download (1 MB)

Download CAD plugins

Download CAD plugins with Swegon products for MagiCAD, AutoCAD and Revit.

Release notes 2015