Next generation’s system for demand-controlled ventilation

Demand-controlled ventilation involves optimising the amount of power consumed to operate fans in the air handling unit. In this respect, a lot of money can be saved! Especially where there is considerable variation between low and high load conditions in a room and during times when there are few or no occupants – which is the case in many premises.

WISE has all the functionality you could wish for when it comes to ventilating and air conditioning rooms, and optimising your ventilation system. Quick-fit connectors used for wiring ensure correct operation and simplify the installation work. Integrated intelligence and sensors enable minimal cabling as well.

WISE is perfect for reducing energy consumption in new buildings to a minimum. The system is also highly applicable on existing buildings; repairs, alterations and extensions. This enables energy consumption cuts in the existing building inventory - the potential for saving is considerable.

Waterborne products for WISE:
ADAPT Parasol Comfort Module for demand-controlled ventilation

ADAPT Parasol - Waterborne comfort module for demand-controlled ventilation with WISE.

Supply & exhaust air diffusers for WISE:

  • ADAPT Sphere
  • ADAPT Colibri
  • ADAPT Free
  • ADAPT Extract

ADAPT Diffusers
ADAPT Diffusers
Room products for Swegon’s WISE System for…
ADAPT Damper
ADAPT Damper
Variable flow damper for demand-controlled…

Variable flow dampers for demand-controlle…
System product for Swegon’s system for dem…





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