30 St. Mary Axe, UK


The Wall Street Journal describes it as, “the most ingenious and elegant new skyscraper built anywhere in the world for at least 30 years”. St Mary Axe is the first environmentally sustainable skyscraper in London - Swegon contributed to this extraordinary project with more than 180 GOLD air handling units.

30 St Mary Axe, also known as the Gherkin and the Swiss Re Building, is a skyscraper in London's main financial district, opened in April 2004. It is a 194 metres tall, spectacular steel and glass edifice with 40 storeys. The striking tower was designed by Norman Foster and constructed by the building company Skanska.

30 St Mary Axe is the first environmentally sustainable skyscraper in London. The tower's sustainability credentials mean that 30 St. Mary Axe will consume up to fifty percent less energy than a comparable high profile office tower.

To save energy, six glazed ventilation shafts lead warm air out of the building in the summer and trap the heat of the sun in winter. The shafts also make the rooms feel more comfortable and reduce the need for artificial lighting. To create the ideal indoor climate Swegon recommended decentralised ventilation units. Instead of having a single, large system the building has more than 180 Gold air handling units, which mean lower costs and higher efficiency.

The smaller GOLD-units were selected for installation concealed above the suspended ceilings of the building, thus sparing the owner the costs for special fan rooms. The units emit an extremely low sound level and they are also more energy-efficient. GOLD facilitates the adjustment of temperatures, airflows and in-operation times to suit the expectations of the occupants. Swegon's system is a smart choice financially and environmentally.

Quick facts

Country:   UK
City:   London
Building year:   2004
End User:   Sweiss RE


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